AfriCredit.org provides access to online payment services.


With the fundamental belief that access to online payment services creates opportunities, the founder of Africredit.org committed to democratizing business transactions and empowering businesses to integrate and thrive in the global economy. This open digital payment and vetting platform provides AfriCredit elite members the confidence to connect and transact in a new and powerful way, whether online or on a mobile device.

By combining technological innovation and strategic partnerships, Africredit creates better ways to manage and transfer funds. It offers choice and flexibility for a new form of business to business interaction. Focused on the untapped pan-African market, the AfriCredit platform rigorously verifies each member.


AfriCredit displays personal biographies of each business owner, going behind the scenes to show the intricacies of their daily operations. You will know who you're working with before making your final decision.

AfriCredit is for everyone who wishes they could pay online.

No more guesswork

Mostly free, always transparent

It's mostly free to use AfriCredit.
Premium V.I.P. services are also available to sellers.


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Pay online with your PayPal password and skip entering your financial information.

Learn more about the people with whom you wish to do business.

Watch interviews and short films about companies and service providers that we recommend. Stay tuned for the "This African Life" podcast.

Do business with vetted and trust-worthy individuals.

An easy way to request products and services from trusted African business people. Know exactly with whom you are dealing.

"A mostly free service aiming to introduce the western world  to reputable African business professionals."